Allure Launching AutoFocus Content Automation Tech Aimed At Cinema Services

March 24, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The cinema-focused digital signage solutions company Allure is announcing content automation technology at CinemaCon in Las Vegas next week that makes heavy use of data sources and rules to determine what’s on digital menus and posters.

Called Allure AutoFocus, the software engine uses relational algorithms that drive the CMS “with the what, when, where, why and how content is presented on any digital display or device on any digital network.”

“The idea of a fully automated content rules engine was an offshoot of our highly successful Insights & Analytics business,” says Jason McCallum, EVP of Operations for Allure.  “Early testing validated we had something special, but the incredibly complex nature of ingesting data from a wide range of data sources and applying algorithms to create relevant and easy-to-apply rules that leveraged data-based insights and clients’ human capital knowledge/experience, required extensive development and validation testing – an exciting and daunting challenge that has produced a remarkable product .”

The company, which was acquired by Christie in late 2015, says exhibitors, retailers and other foodservice operations of any form can use AutoFocus to drive consumer behavior and revenue by automatically adapting the digital messages in real-time in response to their environment.

Allure’s PR lays in on pretty thick with assertions the set-up is revolutionary, cutting-edge and game-changing. Data-driven scheduling is definitely where just about all enterprise-level signage is going, and this is smart, but scheduling based on rules and available data has been around this industry for at least a decade. Stratacache, for example, drives something like 45 million menu changes a day for McDonalds menu displays, all based on dynamic data.


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