16:9 Projects Podcast: Jacksonville International Airport

March 24, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Imagine how upset an airport full of people would be if you weren’t able to deliver them the data they required. Information they need to get to their gate and flight on time and to find their luggage… not to mention emergency messaging

On this episode of Projects, Michael Tutton talks to the people responsible for setting up the digital communication at Jacksonville International Airport in northern Florida, which serves 5.5 million passengers a year.

While their digital overhaul isn’t as “spectacular” as some of our previous episodes, it is a complex and well thought-out project, who’s content is likely more relevant to its audience.

Projects of this size are becoming more commonplace, so I asked Colleen Hamilton, Principle at Art of Context and Steven Shultz, Director of Information Technology for JAX, about some of the details involved in delivering a project like this, including engaging stakeholders, effective emergency messaging and avoiding scope-creep.

People at airports rely on data a lot, and can get very cranky when things aren’t correct, so it’s interesting to hear how they got it right.

I spoke with Colleen and Steven via Skype.

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