DSE 2017 Mixer Sponsor Profile: Sharp

March 17, 2017 by Dave Haynes

There will be lots of people interested in talking to Sharp this year – not only because they make great displays and other gear, but because the company is now owned by Taiwan manufacturing Foxconn.

That 2016 deal in theory puts a big gust of wind into the sails of the Japanese electronics firm, in a bunch areas, including displays. Foxconn is the contract manufacturer for Apple, as well as many other brands like Dell, Cisco, Acer and so on. It has more than 1,000,000 employees.

The company has always had a great reputation in the signage space for its displays, and this year the company has released a couple of  interesting products.

Sharp now has a 90-inch commercial LCD display called the PN-LE901, which combines full-HD image quality and a stylish thin profile with a built-in tuner for the ultimate viewing experience. Businesses can easily manage the functionality of the PN-LE901 commercial LCD display due to its many user-friendly features. This includes a powerful RS-232C command set, which permits flexible command and control capabilities from connected devices, three HDMI™ inputs to connect multiple HD sources including digital signage media player and cable boxes, and powerful, built-in 20W speakers for superb sound to complement the breathtaking images

Additionally, the PN-LE901 commercial LCD display has cutting-edge picture technology that delivers amazing detail, gorgeous color depth and consistent image quality. The panel’s advanced pixel structure enables stunning 4 million: 1 dynamic contrast for deeper blacks and whiter whites. Its USB port allows for displaying images and videos seamlessly, and business owners will also benefit from optimal content control with added lockout features including IR Remote, Power, Channel, Volume, Input, OSD disable and LED disable. It also includes a unique, low-power Wallpaper Mode that displays virtually any image on the screen at a reduced light level, mirroring museum conditions so the screen blends beautifully into an installed environment.

“It’s not just a big screen, it’s a larger-than-life customer engaging machine,” says Gary Bailer, Director of Product Planning and Marketing for Pro AV Products at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “A variety of professional display features, a three-year limited commercial warranty, plus amazing picture technology combine to make this technology ideal for sports bars, waiting rooms and other business locations that need to grab the attention of viewers for a new level of engagement.”

Sharp has also joined the list of professional display manufacturers that now have a line of system on chip displays, and CMS partners developing to them. The smart displays run on Android.

Sharp will have one of the big booths at DSE – stand 1207. Make a point of checking them out. Their sponsorship came out of the Canadian office and Director of Sales Mike Murphy, so when you see Mike, say thanks.

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