Vendors Have ‘Til Tuesday To Preview Your DSE 2017 Presence

March 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes

So far, 27 companies exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo have taken about five minutes each to fill out a Google Form that lets them go on at length about what they’re showing at DSE in a couple of weeks.

But that’s about 12% of the 221 companies with exhibits at DSE.

Kinda feeble since it’s free and the large readership is laser-focused on this industry.

Anyone who works in tech knows engineers are good at thinking out and building stuff. They’re rarely good marketers. That’s certainly evident in the response which, by the way, included an email blast from the show itself to exhibitors. So it’s not like they weren’t made aware.

Big display companies I get. It takes 4 meetings and 5 calls to get much of anything done. But start-ups and small shops dying for any kind of free attention???

I’m shutting down the form as of Tuesday, so if it dawns on you that telling a big audience what you’re doing at DSE might be a good idea, get cracking.

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