Dutch Firm’s LED Panels Replace Regular Acoustic Tiles To Create Full Motion Ceilings

March 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

There’s lotsa talk out there about LED taking over from LCD for video walls, and LED being used as the architectural design surface for things like feature walls in retail and corporate lobbies. But how about LED as the ceiling?

That’s the premise behind a Dutch company called LedGo – that has has designed lightweight LED display modules that are the same size as acoustic ceiling tile panels, and light enough to fit into the same drop ceiling frames.

The panels aren’t the crazy-expensive fine pitch LEDs coming on the market, and have a diffuser layer on top of the LEDs, so you don’t look up and see the individual LED pixels. The diffusion also tightens up the images.

I saw this at ISE in 2016, when it was more of a concept, but now the company is actively marketing it, and looking for resellers and distributors.

The premise is that any drop ceiling can be turned into a visual surface – and the company is touting use cases like shopping mall and airport concourses, retail and even boardrooms.

I’ve seen similar stuff, possibly from the same company, that was using thin wood veneer overlays over LED tiles to make what would look like normal walls have digital properties.


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