#DSE2017 PR Round-Up – Elo, Bluefox, Navori and Holocube

March 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’m not going to write individual posts about all the press pitches I am getting leading into DSE because I don’t have time and 11+ years of doing this tells me the readership for software version releases and new sizes for monitors is pretty teensy. Big news for the vendors and their customers, but overall, not so much.

As a round-up, however, it’s manageable. So here goes, based on what came in so far this week:

Elo – booth #119

Bluefox – booth #644

BlueFox.io‘s Engage solution is a WiFi-based marketing application that doesn’t need users to have an app. Says the company: we “detect a person’s phone in-store without any special effort on the user’s part, other than a one-time opt in to provide their phone number (which can be incentivized with a coupon). Once in the system, they can then be engaged across any store using their tech. It’s based on Wi-Fi, which everyone leaves on, versus Bluetooth or in-store apps that work on very few customers. They’re already working with major brands that report a boost in sales and valuable insights.”

Navori – booth #1413

Swiss-based Navori is launching QL 2.0 offers a completely redesigned user interface, support for 34 languages and a highly robust backbone to serve the largest out-of-home networks among other new capabilities. The company will demonstrate its complete feature set at Booth 1413, March 29-30 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The fully HTML5-based QL 2.0 system, deployable in the cloud or on-premises, represents the latest digital signage software refresh for Navori Labs, which remains committed to a strict seven-year schedule for each comprehensive overhaul.

“Navori abides by a seven-year software cycle to stay ahead of the technology curve and changing operational needs that systems on a typical 12-year lifecycle often leave behind,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “QL 2.0 fully modernizes our digital signage software while evolving the key traits associated with Navori digital signage software, notably our multi-seat, multi-OS and highly scalable approach to simplifying installations and operations for integrators, network operators and end users.”

Here’s their booth preview

Holocube – booth #146

Holocube North America will be presenting some of its high-end holographic displays (they’re not holograms, they’re reflections using a 150-year-old visual trick, but whatever, I suppose).

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