Projects: Daimler Trucks’ New HQ Includes 59-wide Wrap-Around Video Wall

March 10, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’ve written many times how this is a visual, video-driven medium, and who I was puzzled that so few marketing videos are developed to show off projects.

They cost real money, sure, but not anywhere as much as many people think. So here’s one that does a very nice job of showing what was done at the new Daimler Trucks North America headquarters building in Portland, Oregon. The building was designed, as was the visual communications strategy, to optimize communications.

The lobby has a 59-screen video wall that spans 110 feet and wraps around the corner, showing a timeline of product innovations, company history, branding information and more. There’s also a  tiled, narrow bezel video wall at the back of the elevator lobby, displaying an aggregated mix of social media, video and branding content from all of the company’s brands.

Very, very nice. The whole thing runs on Four Winds Interactive, which commissioned this video.

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