Meeting Room Sign Market Big Enough Now To Support Vertical-Specific Displays

March 9, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The meeting room signs business has grown a lot in the last couple of years – I track more than 55 companies here, up from maybe a dozen 18 months ago.

The early days, so to speak, saw companies using iPads or Windows or Android tablets as the door displays. But the business has grown to a level that manufacturers are now selling special-purpose displays tuned to the meeting room door sign market.

The Dutch firm ProDVX has a broad set of various displays, but the one that caught my eye at ISE a few weeks ago was something called the APPC-10DSQPL. No comment on that tongue-twister of a product name.

It’s a 10-inch Android with a quad core processor (probably overkill for a room sign, but better that than a slug), has Power over Ethernet and those LED Color Bars that are borderline essential to meeting room applications. The color bars tell people, from across a room, whether a meeting room is free or booked/occupied. That sort of thing can kinda sorta be done with color-coded content on the display itself, but a viewer isn’t necessarily going to see that from a distance or off-angle.

The units also have NFC reader and barcode readers that can be used for things like checking in to a meeting. There are, of course, lotsa 10-inch displays out there – including Chromebases and System on Chip displays – but I’ve not seen many that zero in on the meeting room application – aside from those specifically marketed by meeting room software solution vendors.

  1. Alex Jordan says:

    Thanks for share your knowledge. Yes, I agree with you Meeting Room Software signs business has grown a lot especially after after covid-19. Because all over the world’s business, meetings, education system, everything was changed.

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