Dell’s New IoT-Centric Rugged PC Line Includes Model Focused On Digital Signage

February 27, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I don’t really think of Dell as an industrial computing supplier, but the Texas-based PC maker has a new series of IoT-centric devices that is aimed, among many things, at tough digital signage use-cases.

The Dell Edge Gateway 3000 Series includes, says a company press release, three unique models targeted specifically for use cases and embedded solutions in the industrial automation, energy, transportation, and digital signage markets.

The boxes, starting at $399, are meant for tough situations like inside a refrigerated trailer, a remote oil pump in the desert, digital signs in an elevator or inside of the HVAC units on a roof-top of a casino.

“As the number of connected devices becomes more ubiquitous, we know that intelligent computing at the edge of the network is critical. The IoT continues to enhance customer experience, drive business growth and improve lives, making it central to organizations’ digital transformation strategies,” says Andy Rhodes, Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things, Dell. “The small and mighty 3000 Series opens up new opportunities for our customers and partners to get smarter with their data and make big things happen.”

All three models include:

Model 3003 is aimed at the signage and retail markets and comes with Display Port output for video displays (2560×1600) and 3.5mm line in/line out for quality audio streaming. The series supports the new Ubuntu Core variant of Linux.

I don’t know anywhere near enough about the technical side of this stuff, but get the sense from conversations about players that these units are not exactly graphics monsters, and would be best suited for fairly simple, full-screen repeating images and video applications.

The Dell units are expected to start shipping by this summer.

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