ISE Beauty Shots Of LG’s Curvy And Pivoting OLEDs

February 22, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Korean display manufacturers continue to have this curious affection for using attractive women as decorative baubles when they issue images of their newest products. They do it from Seoul and they also do it from Amsterdam.

I’m running a pair of photos taken at ISE at the LG booth, not because these Dutch (presumably) women are indeed attractive, but because they show a couple of OLED set-ups without a pile of people or forklifts in front of them.

When I was at ISE, I tried getting shots of these on set-up day, but there was always techs running around, manlifts in the shots and ropes and crates (right) in the way. Then once the show started, there was always a crowd right in front of these things.

Sooooo …

The top pic is the flexible open frame OLED that can be convex or concave, portrait or landscape, and it is double-sided. I don;t have price, but assume you need a defibrillator nearby. LG had great content that really suited the wavy design.

The other pic here is an OLED wall, but the clever part was these things were on motorized, sync’d pivots to change the perspective and look very subtly.

An intriguing note near the bottom of LG’s post-ISE PR:  “Another unique technology making its debut at the show incorporates LED diodes in a transparent film which can be installed over windows to expand installation options. The film will be incorporated into new digital signage solutions set to roll out in early 2017.”

Think it must be this. Low-rez, but had a certain appeal:

  1. Bryan Crotaz says:

    I’m hearing rumours from end users that OLED (specifically LG, but if so it’s likely to be industry wide) burns worse than plasma and the blue fades faster than other colours. Would be good to get an independent investigation on this from 16:9.

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