How About Wayfinding By Logo Cloud?

February 21, 2017 by Dave Haynes

If you have been to a mall or big campus area, you’ve likely walked up to a touchscreen to get some help locating a shop or office – working off a name or category, like “shoes.”

So what if the main option was a logo cloud?

That’s the approach used in the Abu Dhabi Mall in guess where. The German firm dimedis, which markets a CMS called kompas, developed a touch application for the mall that starts off with a circular cloud of logos. You find the brand you want, and that gets you location and directions.

It’s an interesting approach, though I think it would be deeply flawed if a user could not fall back on name and category searches, like shoes. Most everyone will know Apple, Nike and Zara, but if they’re looking for shoes or something like linens, the brands are nowhere near as familiar.


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