E Ink’s 32-inch Color Display Appears To Rival LCD For Color

February 16, 2017 by Dave Haynes

I’ve been paying attention to e-paper for about 15 years now, and thought it was pretty cool about three years ago when E Ink introduced a 32-inch display that supported 4,100 colors.

Now look at this thing, which has won a Taiwan Excellence award. The 32” ePaper color display supports 1,000s of color and what look like deep blacks for rendering. I can’t find this on the E Ink site, but assuming this is real and not Mr. Photoshop’s work, wow!

It comes off an E Ink tweet, so that certainly adds some credibility.

This, by comparison, is the last color E Ink display I saw at that size:


Tech details noted in the award:

ePaper is a green product due to its intrinsic properties such as paper-like, reflectiveness, sunlight readability, and ultra-low power consumption. ePaper in the digital signage application enhances the significance of energy saving, traditional paper poster replacement, re-use, workforce reduction for regular poster replacement and remote control is possible via wireless networks.

ePaper digital signage inherits the nature of ePaper, fully reflective, no power consumed when images remain still. By using color filter array, pastel colors are achieved and creating a different market segment from the tradition LCD and LED markets at the same time. Fulfilling the mission of traditional paper replacement, from small to medium and now to large size.

Based on electrophoretic technology, more applications are made possible by breaking though technology, manufacturing and color barrier:

Highly suitable to the applications which no constant image change is required. For example, menu, art installation, notice boards in school and bank environments, maps, advertising boards, etc. It can also be battery or solar power operated.

While the colors are rich, it’s important to note that this is still e-paper. It doesn’t support video or motion graphics.

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