Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Mike Tippets, Hughes

February 15, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Hughes is one of those big billion-dollar tech companies that have found their way into digital signage in recent years. Most of them come in making noise and exited quietly. But Hughes has stuck around.

This week I’m chatting with Mike Tippets, who is Hughes Global Media Solutions Group, working out of Utah but pretty tightly tied to the Hughes mothership based outside Washington, DC. Hughes fates back to the days of Howard Hughes, but os now owned by EchoStar, a global satellite services company.

We have a good chat about a bunch of things – from the roots of the company as Helius, what Mike and his team have learned about big growth areas like corporate communications, and how Hughes goes to market as much more than satellite guys who also have some software.

NOTE: A scheduling boo-boo (quickly corrected, but a boo-boo) saw this podcast go out on the email subscriber list and also to some podcast apps. So if you already saw this podcast up last week, you are not having a moment. It’s the same. But for most people, this IS the podcast for this week.

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