Interested In Sponsoring The New Projects Podcast? (Update: Sold)

February 2, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Updated: Never mind. A sponsor is now in place. Thanks!

The mothership 16:9 Podcast – which now has 40 episodes and some 85,000 downloads, is sponsored by digital signage content provider Screenfeed all the way through 2017 and beyond, but I’m now looking for a suitable sponsor for the companion podcast, Projects.

The new podcast, done by my longtime signage buddy Michael Tutton, just started up with a great interview with the couple behind the creative at the Cosmopolitan Hotel lobby in Las Vegas.

The next one, already recorded and in the queue, is about the massive, two-level immersive learning wall at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.

Sponsorships are not a cash grab for the podcasts. They cover the costs, like hosting and sound-engineering. I could probably figure it out, but I pay a guy each week to fiddle with the levels and do whatever he does to make my podcasts sound pretty darned good.

At the moment, I have 11 podcast interviews set for next week at ISE in Amsterdam, so a little piece of Screenfeed’s sponsor support is going to buy me a lovely Belgian beer after the seven chats I have scheduled for Monday. Brain hurts thinking about that.

The Projects podcast is solely focused on talking to the ideas and creative people behind some of the best signage projects being done in North America and globally. As with my podcasts, Michael’s just having a good 30 minute chat about what was done, why and what came out of it.

Sponsorship is a great opportunity for a company to attach its name exclusively – as a display or hardware manufacturer, or integrator – behind some amazing work.

If you have listened to and seen the listings for the 16:9 podcast, you’ll have a sense of what sponsorship entails. If interested, zip me a note at dave AT




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