Armodilo Debuts Low-Profile, Low-Cost Tablet Enclosure Called Keyo

January 26, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The guys at Armodilo have built up a name and healthy business developing pretty but also rugged enclosures for tablets being used as one-to-one digital signs across a bunch of verticals, and now they’ve come up with a new line that is more about function and cost than form.

The Keyo is a utilitarian-looking low-profile wall or desktop tablet enclosure that’s been designed to allow room inside for peripherals and to bolt on things like card readers. It also, quite cleverly, allows a user to mount the thing right on top of a power outlet.

The things are made of formed aluminum, and have rivets that provided extra structural integrity. They’re keyed, and look about as easy to service as a paper towel dispenser.
They can mount on a wall or horizontal service, like a cash drawer, and come in three colors. They fit up to 12.5-inch tablets.

The other big attraction is a single unit price of $229. Trust me when I say you couldn’t build something similar for that, unless you were ordering big numbers and crossing your fingers and toes and eyes. Or owned a metal and powder-coating shop.

Armodilo founder Iles Guran – (Note – also a loyal 16:9 sponsor) put up with me for a podcast interview a couple of months ago. Have a listen …

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