2017 DSE Mixer Plans

January 19, 2017 by Dave Haynes

Plans are well in hand for the annual Sixteen:Nine DSE Mixer – the 8th or 9th, I think.

It will, as always, be on March 28th, the Tuesday night, early, and back at its preferred home: the 3rd floor of the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip in Las Vegas.

Sponsors are sorted out, as are most of the other little details. There will be nibbly food – fruit, cheese, chips and salsa – and all attendees will get a couple of drink tickets, courtesy of the sponsors.

If things hold to form, we’ll have about 400 people registered. It has turned into THE networking event of DSE, and pretty much a must-attend. It goes off early so that people can also hit other events going on, or still have time for dinner and homework back in the hotel room.

I PLAN to have the ticketing site up next week, and if things work out, we’ll be using interactive digital displays to check attendees in this year, and spit out badge labels. We have a plan there, but need to test.

Watch for the ticketing info next week.

PDS – If you were wondering why this is the Sixteen:Nine Mixer and not the Preset Mixer, Pat Hellberg and I wound down Preset as he decided late last year to slow down and literally enjoy the fruits of his labors. He’s starting a wine blog. The Vegas Mixer was always my thing, so there will be little difference – except no Pat!


  1. Steve Edgar says:

    re: DSE Mixer in LV on 3/28… You mentioned registration. How would one do that? I’d like to attend and look forward to meeting you.

  2. Dave Carbert says:

    Looking forward to the 2017 bash. Best industry event there is!

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