Davis-Taylor, Amos and Rasor Added to DSF’s 2017 Board

January 3, 2017 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Federation has announced the results of its 2017 Board of Directors elections, with three familiar industry names joining the shadowy cabal at the federation’s mountaintop retreat somewhere in Iowa.

Five At-Large Director seats on the board are filled by reinstated board members who will serve a second term and continue to closely guard the organization’s secret handshakes, while three newbies from a slate of five will don the robes and learn the chants for the first time.

The rookies are:

The returning At-Large Director Seats are held by:

In 2017, the DSF Chairman is Rich Ventura of NEC Display Solutions, with the Vice Chair now being Spencer Graham of West Virginia University. As this whole thing seems to work, Graham is effectively next in line to the throne and will take over in 2018.

The DSF Secretary is Len Dudis of Grupo Vidanta and Treasurer is Jeff Kent of Cineplex Entertainment. The past Chairman’s Council will be chaired by immediate past Chairman Randy Dearborn, MGM Resorts International.

Somewhat more seriously, Laura, Wayne and Will are three good additions to the organization, which I FINALLY joined after many years of something between skepticism and indifference. They’ve had a string of smart people in charge and Rich will make things happen. He’s on the latest 16:9 podcast which, assuming my sound engineer gets things together, will be up early Wednesday.

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