Here’s A Pair Of Amazing LED Curtain Ceilings In Chinese Shopping Malls

December 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes

I’m not quite sure what all these projects are about, or where they are located (other than China), but they look very nice.

These are shots supplied by the Shenzhen-based LED manufacture Gtek. While it undoubtedly invests a lot in R&D, they company could stand to invest a couple of bucks in a competent translator – as the copy supplied reads like something out of Google Translate, when Google Translate was having a bad day.

The curvy, marine-themed on is described as:

Recently, after finishing the No.1 LED display in central China Henan province Huiyi times square multi-curved face creative ceiling curtain, LED curtain display manufacturer-Gtek, formed ties with Henan province again by a 1047.7sqm creative design LED display project.

The LED project design inspiration roots from the history and culture of Gushi – hometown of the national hero Zheng Chenggong.  In Zheng’s jade belt, there is a diamond in the centre, showing high end and glorious, honorable and unique. Dome in centre of the LED ceiling display implying Gushi hometown, with dolphins swimming at two sides, symbolizes that Gushi is always the hometown of her descendant in every corner of China, no matter how far they go.

In this project Gtek provides the led curtain solution of H16TC and H80 TC featured by ultra-thinness, light-weight and high transparency thoroughly. Upon completion,this project will help build a cultural business center that supports local economic and cultural developments.  And this will enable the Hengdian street in Gushi a new commercial landmark in Northern China.

Ok, then …

And this one is in the Huafa Shopping Mall in Zhuhai in Guangdong, down near Hong Kong. The 8,000 sq. metre ceiling curtain “fits the design idea of Calatrava architecture well. Characterized by high transparency and no impact on the inside lighting, the ceiling curtain could even be fully “invisible” when it blacks out to match perfectly with the whole building.”

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