Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Jacob Horwitz, IST

December 21, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Deployment is a huge part of any substantial digital signage project, but it’s not a side of the business that gets a lot of attention.

Jacob Horwitz started, runs and owns one of the biggest pure-play digital signage deployment companies out there – INSTALLATION & SERVICE TECHNOLOGIES, or IST. The company is based out of Kansas City, and has quietly done many of the larger digital menu board deployments in the US to date.

In fact, it was a massive job for Burger King that switched the focus for IST from doing point of sales work, to digital signage. Horwitz hasn’t looked back since.

We spoke recently via Skype.

NOTE – No podcast next week. Taking a holiday break. There are 35 episodes to listen to, maybe again, to keep your ears and brain occupied!

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