NCR Sales Rep Probably Dancing After Bagging Bojangles Rollout

December 20, 2016 by Dave Haynes

The big POS company NCR, which now calls itself a leader in omni-channel solutions, has bagged a deal to provide the digital signage solution for the Southern US-centric fast food chain Bojangles.

The chain will use NCR Vitalcast at its company-owned stores, which makes up more than 40% of the total stores in the roughly 700-unit Bojangles footprint. Vitalcast is already up in about 25 sites, with more to come in 2017, says NCR in a press release.

The easy-to-use digital signage solution, says NCR, will provide Bojangles’ restaurants the opportunity to showcase a wider variety of food and beverages with high resolution product shots and video to enhance the overall guest experience. The digital signage solution will also make it easier and cost effective to update information in real-time, feature new and limited time products, and display nutritional information.

NCR is also doing content management services for the chain.

Small deal for now, but the thing about QSR is that there are chains that are mostly owner-operated, which means selling a solution owner by owner by owner, even when head office has OK’d the platform. So winning a QSR chain can be as much a big burden as a big win.

Bojangles has 300-plus company stores, which means NCR only needs, in most respects, to sell that in once.


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