Rent The Runway Opens Digitally-Savvy NYC Flagship

December 15, 2016 by Dave Haynes

The upstart fashion retailer Rent The Runway – which rents designer clothes to women somewhat the way men have rented formal wear for many years – has opened a digitally-savvy flagship store in lower Manhattan.

The store on W. 15th Street uses a variety of Samsung displays, including 32-inch touchscreen tandems that cycle through visuals but also allow for 1:1 item searches of some 200,000 potential SKUs, to interactive mirror displays and a big 3 by 3 feature video wall.

The shop also uses iPads to manage a variety of transactions, including pick-ups, drop-offs, exchanges and check-outs. Shoppers can also reserve a fitting room and get a text when one comes open, or (eventually) use a mobile app to pre-select dresses they want to try on once they get to the shop.

Here’s a story about the shop, from retail TouchPoints …


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