Quividi Adds Software Tool To Easily Pair Specific Digital OOH Ads With Specific Viewers

December 15, 2016 by Dave Haynes

The French firm Quividi has announced a big enhancement of its video analytics software suite – adding a new tool called VidiStudio that allows network operators and agencies to easily set up digital OOH ad campaigns that are tailored to the people looking at them.

The scenario design, as it’s described, has a drag and drop set-up that can pair certain media assets to what Quividi’s real-time face pattern detection algorithms are reporting about the demographics and apparent mood of the person in front of the screen.

The content will be contextually triggered against our real-time analytics, says Quividi in a news release, on the basis of criteria such as distance to screen, gender, age, mood and attention duration of the audience, but also on the basis of external events, such as touch, gesture, product hand picks, weather, traffic conditions and so on. 

So a campaign planner can trigger a certain ad for someone who looks grumpy, a happy woman, etc, without needing to assign a developer to put  it together or pay an agency a pile of money to cook it up.

The set-up allows users to create complex face- and context-reactive content,says Quividi, that can run on any CMS supporting HTML5, without any coding skills and with no human intervention needed once in the field.

The company has also added an A/B/n testing service – essentially a toolset that allows agencies and network operators  to test, in real conditions, which version of a campaign piece works best with a specific target audience, based on the attention it gathers.

Interesting stuff. Though there are several companies out there marketing video analytics tools, few seemed to have gained much marketplace traction – the most notable of them Intel (which bought Cognovision). But Quividi, around since 2006, says it has 500 ciustomers globally and its service detects and processes 700+ million faces every month.

The company will be showing off its new tools at ISE, which is coming up fast – Feb. 7-10 in Amsterdam.


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