Christie Announces New Super-Skinny Bezel LCDs For Video Wall Market

December 14, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Christie has started marketing a new, premium set of narrow bezel LCD displays aimed at both the control room and digital signage markets.

The new Extreme Series – blessed with the tongue-twisting product names common to display companies (FHD553-XE, FHD553-XE-R, FHD553-XE-H, and FHD553-XE-HR) – have some interesting wrinkles like pre-calibration, auto adjusting brightness (for changing lighting conditions) and open pluggable slots for external media players.

The displays are all 55 inchers, if those product names weren’t the clue you needed.

The combined bezels are 1.7mm, which is maybe a couple of human hairs width for a seam between LCDs in a video wall set-up.

Christie says the Extreme Series ships startingt next month, with a three-year parts and labor warranty. Christie is much more known for projectors and its MicroTiles, but the company has for a few years now had LCDs and, most recently, Velvet direct-view LED tiles.

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