DSE 2017 Same Week As Bar, Retail And Pizza (Yup, Pizza) Trade Shows

December 8, 2016 by Dave Haynes

It’s almost always been the case that the week Digital Signage Expo is on in Las Vegas is generally a pretty quiet week around the convention center and the city. Not in 2017.

The same week that DSE is on, the convention center is also hosting the big Nightclub and Bar Show, which has a somewhat legendary reputation for having lots of booze available on the floor – meaning by 4 PM you could be wrecked and forget everything you were there to see and learn.

That gets 39,000 attendees.

Pizza Expo is also on at the LVCC, and that gets 12,000 people

And most interesting to the digital signage crowd, Globalshop is on at the base of the LV Strip, at the Mandalay Bay’s convention halls.  That should get about 14,000 people.

Also on – the International Wireless Communications Expo, which is about guess what. Another 12,000 people. And CinemaCon at Caesar’s Palace – with another 5,000+. (Thx Kris Konrath for noting that!)

DSE is a lot smaller – one of the reasons it is at the South Hall and in the Renaissance (some education sessions) this year, instead of the North Halls. They get, between attendees and exhibitors, another 6,000.

So that’s about 90,000 people in the city that week. Getting a cab at the airport will likely involve that ghastly long line-up maze if you come in during a peak period.

The good news for exhibitors (at least in theory) – end-users in town for one of the other shows might allocate a few hours to stick their noses into the DSE hall.

I noticed both hotel rooms and airfares seem higher than I am used to for that week. You may wanht to book your flight and rooms soon. DSE gets moved around, instead of having a fixed, traditional week, because it is smaller and gets wedged in where it can, while the big shows dictate the calendar.

I’ll have a podcast up next week with Andrea Varrone, DSE’s show director, to talk about plans for 2017.

  1. Kris says:

    Don’t forget about CinemaCon. It’s being hosted at Caesars and brings in a ton of theatre operators…and celebrities (if you’re into that). Should be a fun week!

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