Ebay Creates Big Digital Experiences For New Silicon Valley Campus Welcome Center

December 5, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A new central building on the Silicon Valley campus of ecommerce giant eBay, called Main Street, serves as the main gateway and front door for the company.

It’s a technology-rich building intended to drive brand identity, capture the rapid pulse of the company and more practically provide much-needed flexible, well-equipped spaces for hosted meetings, conferences, and events.

The company hired NYC-based ESI Design to develop a series of multi-surface media experiences.

Working closely with eBay personnel, says the company in a project profile on its site, the design team distilled a digestible story about the company from its vast amounts of user and product data. Live, generative statistics from eBay product transactions are integrated with pre-produced content that highlights how eBay’s community of employees, buyers, and sellers impact the marketplace and charitable giving.



In the Main Hall an enormous multi-screen display supports live presentations and webcasts; during meeting breaks, the screens show colorful ambient movies interspersed with trending eBay data in searches and purchases.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the space, from the design to the interactive installations and displays,” said Wendy Jones, VP Global Operations. “It brings to life the breadth and depth of the global scale of eBay.”

I like. It looks like they used a lot of fine pitch LED on support columns to run simple, tidy messaging for people as they walk in.

Then there’s a large, touch-based video wall that powers visualized data, based on Ebay sales analytics.

And the main hall used for big presentations has a big set of what, again, I assume are fine-pitch LEDs.


The building open this summer. Here’s another piece about it in the local paper.

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