New Taipei’s Christmasland Is Massively Projection-Mapped

December 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes


They are into Christmas in a BIG way in New Taipei, judging by the massive projection mapping and lighting spectacle staged for the holiday season in the Taiwan city.

Put together by Singapore-based Hexogon Solution, there are 42 Christie Boxer 4K30  projectors driving a series of big visuals on the side of the 30-storey city hall and all around a 36-meter-high Christmas tree cone in front of that building. It is the biggest projection mapping job done to date in Taiwan – with a projection area of 5,239 square meters (about the size of a soccer field).

The building needed 33 sync’d, mapped and blended projectors and the other nine do the tree.

The content was created completely in-house by the the Hexogon team. “For this performance, we worked towards achieving contents with a more three-dimensional approach,” says Hexogon’s Adrian Goh in a press release. “The specified characters were created in 3D, rather than using 2D animation that was done previously. The setting also involved a lot of optical illusion techniques, by conducting many rounds of simulations with mapping to bring the environment to life.”

This third-party video shows the overall set-up, including traditional lighting, but there is quite a bit of footage of the projection-mapping.

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