Harrods Fills 6-Level Grand Entrance Hall With Fine Pitch LED Ad Walls

November 24, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Via The Drum

The British luxury retailer Harrods has installed a series of large, fine pitch LED video installations that greet shoppers at every level in the store’s iconic six-storey Grand Entrance hall. There are 12 LED screens in various configurations at points in the six floors of the department store’s escalator atrium.

As reported in The Drum, the screens were part of the store’s £20m redesign of the historic Grand Entrance Hall, and the company went with Chinese LED maker Aoto.

“Harrods is a media in itself,” Harrods Media’s director, Guy Cheston, told a reporter. “We’re really seeing momentum [for digital advertising] build over the last 18 months. So we’re giving brands a bigger canvas: we’ve gone from more than 50 advertising sites to 12 locations, but they’re much more impactful, they’re bigger and they’re state of the art.

Spots run in 15-second lots on a 2.5 minute loop. Brands are not just those sold in-store, but Cheston says they are quite picky about what gets on, as a Mercedes spot might make more sense than one selling a Toyota sub-compact, given the audience.

With the LED walls up, Harrods Media is now planning to rework and switch out other digital inventory on the property, like in-department screen networks.



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