E-Ink Displays Used To Assign Parking For Swiss Car-Pool Commuters

November 18, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A European carpooling service is using electronic ink signs, running off solar and connected by 3G, to direct motorists to assigned spots in parking lots.

BePooler’s carpooling service generates over 300 shared trips per week (I assume it’s a start-up) and offers preferential parking spaces booked for those who join the service. That precious, assigned spot can be a big deal at a lot of crammed commuter parking lots.

The Swiss company’s park and ride system allows commuters to carpool to Switzerland’s Ponte Tresa station, as referenced in a press release, and have a reserved parking space waiting for them when they continue their journey by train.

The Park Smart Signs use technology developed by the Slovenian e-ink firm Visionect. Users can securely book the parking spot through the BePooler App wherever they are, with the licence plate of the car allowed to park showing up on the parking sign mere seconds later.

It’s an interesting service, though I think the signs are as much about marketing the service as they are about spot assignment, since I assume the mobile app also says on the smartphone that the motorist should park at #068 or whatever.

It’s also a good example of the importance of not relying just on the tech to do the job. The very bright color choices for the enclosure are important, because the single color display itself is otherwise pretty muted and could get missed.

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