Volanti, BrightSign Pair Up On Snappy 4K Interactive Displays

November 17, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The specialty display firm Volanti Displays, a spinoff from Digital View, has developed a set of 4K touchscreen panels that are designed to work and easily mount with one of BrightSign‘s higher-powered media players.

BrightSign’s new Series 3 XT players have been set up to work with Volanti’s 55″, 65″, 84″ and 98″ 4K panels. The player has its own mounting pattern and Volanti provides matching mount points for that on the rear of the enclosure, so it’s secure but can be removed, if needed.

The XT media players, says a press release, support complex HTML5-based interactive applications with up to 4K 60Hz HDR video. Volanti says its   touchscreen displays have 100Hz touch sensors and 60Hz video display refresh rate – which is less technical terms means the response for users is snappy.

“It is exciting to see a dedicated media player running 4K content and able to provide fast multi-touch support with enterprise-level robustness and reliability,” says James Henry, Volanti’s CEO.

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