Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: Brad Parler,

November 9, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A couple of years ago, an old industry friend, Raffi Vartian, said I really needed to see something. He sent me a link to a video, I watched it, and sent back a note saying, “That’s FREAKING brilliant!”

The video was for a corporate communications project at the offices in Houston, Texas, and it showed staff-facing messaging being done in a way I’d never seen.

The guy behind that was, and is, Brad Parler, a video production geek who got an entry-level job at the Houston-based company to pay the bills of his growing family. He was in sales, but stuck his hand up when the company decided to add digital signs through the facility. They needed to figure out how, and what to use for needed content.

What he came up with went over big, not only within the company, but around the signage industry. Now he’s getting asked to speak at conferences, and doing what he can to spread the gospel about the importance of populating screens with truly good, attention-grabbing, effective content.

We spoke last week by Skype.

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  1. Fine job Brad. Engaging, exciting and fun.

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