Simon Rolls Out Mobile-Friendly Interactive Stations Across US Malls

October 31, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The US shopping mall giant Simon is rolling out a shiny new set of big 65-inch interactive directories to nine shopping centres, using a blend of touch and screen to mobile capabilities like NFC, beacons and text.

The units, a press release suggests, also use proximity sensors that make the interactive component “come to life” when a shopper walks within a few feet of the screen.

The digital interactive maps highlight the location of shops and services and display the fastest route for shoppers to take. Shoppers also have the option to send those directions to their mobile device through a variety of digital communication channels (beacons, NFC, SMS, etc.). A universal search option allows for a quick search of stores, dining options and services. Information on the latest offers and deals available from retailers and restaurants equips shoppers with all the information they need to make their shopping trip productive and enjoyable.

In addition, the digital directories utilize the latest location-based marketing technology to allow brands to connect directly with their customers with real-time, relevant information.

“It’s an important customer amenity that our shoppers interact with quite regularly. We felt it was time to develop the next generation of this technology and elevate the consumer experience even further,” says Mikael Thygesen, Simon’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Judging from the strong positive feedback received from shoppers already, I think we’ve achieved our goal.”

The interactive units were created in partnership with Gable and the UK-based CMS software firm Acquire Digital.

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