Brazil’s OOZO TV Mashes Up Social Media And Raspberry Pi For Digital Signage Solution

October 25, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Sao Paulo, Brazil-based start-up OOZO TV is marketing a digital signage solution built around social media and ultra low-cost Raspberry Pi 3-driven media players.

The company is touting what it calls a hyperlocal custom content solution that draws much of its content from real-time feeds from social media networks like Instagram.

There are three pricing plans – from free (with limited capabilities) to a $129 USD/month per player arrangement that gives users multiple social media profiles and hashtags to query and display, filtering tools, high frequency updates, support and various other things. The $129 includes the Pi 3 box, but $129 may well be more than the one-time capital cost of the unit.

I am always interested to see solutions coming out that are built on the little Pi micro PC kits. But $129/month for a CMS solution puts it among the most expensive SaaS solutions on the market, anywhere, and the industry average (at least in North America) is probably something like $25.

Makes it a tough sell.

I see this often with small start-ups that seem to settle on pricing that makes sense to them and can work with the truly small business market that doesn’t know any better, but any scaled job will drive the actually SaaS monthly fees off a cliff.

You can see almost 20 different options for Raspberry Pi-based signage here …

  1. Hi Dave! Thanks for the article.

    Just to make sure everybody understands our pricing policy.
    Raspberry Pis are hard to get and quite expensive in Brazil, believe me. So we have to import them in straight from US or UK. That’s why the bundle becomes so expensive.

    For our European and North American customers, we also offer a software SAAS w/o the Raspberry cpu for $49,90/month. In that case we DO provide the necessary Raspberry installation files that enables remote managing and failover local files cache system.

    In case anyone wants to give it a try, there’s a forever FREE plan that will get you almost all features from the Professional plan but will display programmatic ADs from our sponsors.

  2. MT says:

    Interesting concept, but how does it handle moderation of user generated/live content?

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