SoftwareCo RMG Adds LED Display Side To Business

October 19, 2016 by Dave Haynes

logo-max-logoThere are lots of digital signage display companies with software solutions, but it’s pretty rare to read about a signage CMS company touting a display solution. That, however, is what RMG Networks has announced.

The Dallas-based company – kinda the v2 of the old Symon Communications, after some twists and turns from an acquisition – has announced RMG MAX, customizable LED display solutions for indoor and outdoor market applications.

The company, in its press release, says the “new MAX series is a continuation of a heritage began over 35 years ago when RMG launched its industry-leading LCD display screens.” About the only LCD display screens you could get 35 years ago were the size of candy bars and were on calculators, but whatever … Maybe they mean early LED boards, which Symon drove in contact centers???

“RMG is one of the few digital signage companies offering a full custom LED solution that scales to high image HD quality, 4K and beyond,” says RMG President and CEO Bob Michelson, explaining the display options add a new revenue stream for the business.

RMG MAX LED display signs, says the release, are fully customizable featuring multiple options in indoor, outdoor, mesh, and curved screens with no size limitations. The target verticals are corporate,  retail, campus, stadiums, hospitality, and real estate development applications.

This would be a white label partnership with a US or much more likely a Chinese LED display manufacturer, as it is wildly doubtful RMG is now a manufacturer. The product page is light on detail about things like pixel pitch, but there are at least two lines – Slim and Grand Media.

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