ScreenFeed Makes FIDS Displays A Subscription App

October 17, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Flight arrivals and departures displays were in the early days of digital signage something akin to a killer app – something that needed no ROI exercise to demonstrate the value, but something that also required specialty software and software/data integration expertise.

Companies like Omnivex and PresentationPoint did a lot of trade in FIDS solutions for airports and similar systems for other transport hubs.

Now, because of cloud-served data, it’s a subscription app users can buy from an online store.

Twin Cities-based Screenfeed has launched a new subscription feed it calls Flight Board – which it says makes it easy for an airport or, more likely, a hotel or tourism operator, to purchase, configure and install in minutes a content service that will show departures information for a local airport.

Says ScreenFeed in a news release:

Subscriptions are based on a player license, rather than the number of airports returned, decreasing costs for locations in places like New York or London. All content is pre-designed and can be self-configured to match the color of a company’s brand. No development is required and software integration is complete after customers configure the Media RSS or HTML5 URL in minutes at

The Flight Board package includes data to all major airports around the world in English and can be customized to show additional languages. Also included in the license is a Flight Delay Map that gives a quick overview of the congestion levels at major airports in the US and Canada.

I tend to think airports will want enterprise systems and more than just a content app, but there are lots and lots and lots of downtown and airport hotels – as well as other businesses – who know this is good, sticky, relevant content to run in their lobbies.

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