NanoLumens Adds Super Fine Pitch, Front-Serviceable LED Display To Lineup

October 12, 2016 by Dave Haynes

Atlanta-based NanoLumens made its name with lightweight, flexible indoor LED displays, but like other display manufacturers has in the past two years gone hard after the fine pixel pitch LED market.

It’s hard to win on price against a sea of Chinese manufacturers, so Nano is marketing based on slightly more esoteric attributes like performance, serviceability and footprint.

nanolumens-logoThe company this week announced what it calls the world’s first 100% front-installable and front-serviceable 1.25MM LED display. The front part is important, since a lot of LED displays have cables and connectors in behind that techs need to get at, meaning a need for special scissor mounts that pulls out or a lot of rear clearance to move and work behind the wall.

The company also announced the NanoZTM has “touch-free” technology – developed specifically for a United States military command and control center – but didn’t explain what that actually meant.

Previously, the finest pitch LED marketed by Nano was a 2.5mm unit.

“Our tests show that this new display delivers the widest horizontal viewing angle without shift in color,” says Gary Feather, NanoLumens’ Chief Technology Officer. “In fact, it features the highest cd/W of any currently available fine pixel pitch display and provides the lowest operating temperature and longest life for equal brightness.”

The displays have a brightness of 950 cd/m2 and power supplies that are 100% embedded from the line input, meaning there are no external power supplies, no added conversion loss, and no additional fans. The first unit has shipped to the previously-mentioned military site.

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