Visionect Broadens E-Ink Meeting Room Sign Options

September 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I’ve spoken to several companies in the last 2-3 weeks who have all confirmed meeting room signs are a hot little segment for them.

As noted in the past, I call them the Gateway Drug for Digital Signage.

In the case of Slovenia’s Visionect, meeting room signs are a core product on their own, and there’s enough going on that the company has broadened its line of electronic ink displays to meet different use cases.

Starting October 1st, the company will have three different Joan e-ink displays:

CEO Matej Zalar says the expanded line comes out of customer requirements. “Adapting to your customers, listening to what they’re saying, that’s key.”

This site has a little spin-off directory based around meeting room signs. I spooled it up in February and now there are 47 different meeting room sign options in it, and I know I don’t have them all.


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