Sixteen:Nine Podcasts: David Levin, Four Winds Interactive

September 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


This week I’m speaking with David Levin, the co-founder and a bunch of other titles at Four Winds Interactive, a content management software and services company based in Denver.

David and I sat down for a chat last week in the Four Winds’ offices, a day before his company’s second annual Forward conference, which attracts a lot of hardcore customers and prospects. The event was polished, and there was a good-sized crowd of customers, prospects and suppliers.

We had a pretty wide-ranging, open discussion about his company. Levin talks about the roots of Four Winds, doing interactive music sampling stations. We go into the early days, when the company was offsetting operating costs by renting out the old mansion they used as offices as a wedding venue on weekends, hauling equipment into the basement and taking other gear home.

We also go into the company’s current headcount, which is about 10X the size of most of their competitors. Where most competing companies have a sales team that could maybe field a softball team, Four Winds has about 90 people in some sort of sales or sales support function.

Levin talks about how the company is doing financially, and in a broader sense about where his company, and this industry, is going.

I forgot (duh) to get David to shut off his phone or get it the heck away from the lapel mike, so the master recording picked up a lot of electronic noise from calls and notifications. We’ve applied noise reduction and cleared most of that out, but if the recording sounds a bit tinny, that’s why.

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