Orlando Airport Installing 1,561-foot Continuous Video Wall At Airline Counters

September 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


My June 2015 photo of trial at MCO. NOT what is being put in now. PR on new job did not include photos, which is breathtakingly dumb.

Orlando International Airport is in the process of putting in some 700 55-inch ultra-thin-bezel videowall displays in the departures area behind airline counters to create a continuous 1,561-foot digital display wall.

The airport authority is putting another 350 in double-sided overhead videowalls intended for wayfinding from the check-in areas to concessions and other services leading to security checkpoints, where there also 1 by many videowalls on the bulkheads above the TSA screening entrance.

The airport authority says in a press release the videowalls are unique tools to provide customers with a new travel experience – one that conveys all the pertinent information that customers have come to expect while traveling, including wait times, flight information, wayfinding, destination time and weather and gate information.

It appears LG won this deal over Samsung, which had a pilot up at two airline counters in the airport.

In what is a mind-wobbling trend lately, LG’s press release was among many I’ve been getting lately that go on endlessly about the awesomeness of their displays and the project they’re being used in, and then DON”T INCLUDE ANY PHOTOS!!!

Visual medium, kids. Kind of important to show what you did.

This is a concept image from a few weeks ago, NOT provided by LG.


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