AT&T’s New San Francisco Flagship Includes Giant “Fluid Art” Digital Bulkhead

September 28, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The new store, at 1 Powell Street, is next to the popular trolley cable car turnaround area. It is AT&T’s largest retail store in the U.S., and  will serve as the company’s West Coast flagship. This historic San Francisco building, built in 1908, has been restored back to its original Baroque architectural design.

The store design and merchandising elements draft off some of what was used in AT&T’s award-winning flagship brand store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, which opened in August 2012.

There are video walls and 98-inch touch displays, and on a bulkhead, a 48 ft x 5 ft NanoLumens curved LED running “custom fluid art.”

That art was put together by the retail experience firm MaxMedia, with three “chapters” of content: Entertainment, Local Arts & Culture and Connected Life. The company’s creatives then worked with generative art technologist Joshua Davis and Man Made Music on an application that makes the visuals respond to music or to a specific cadence.

Here’s a video supplied from MaxMedia …

You can read a Fast Company piece to get a sneak peak.

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