Projects: Virtual Coloring Books On Streets Of Sydney And Melbourne

September 26, 2016 by Dave Haynes


If were walking a busy downtown street, would you stop at a digital poster to do some virtual coloring?

That was the premise and attraction of a relaunch campaign in Australia last month for a mineral water/juice product that’s part of the Coca-Cola family.

The media firm JCDecaux, Ansible, UM, Saatchi & Saatchi NZ and Coca-Cola Amatil brand Deep Spring partnered on a promotion for an outdoor coloring book that allowed people walking the busy downtown streets of Sydney and Melbourne to stop and color in Zentangle patterns that were interwoven with inspirational and calming quotes such as “Sip, relax, repeat.”

Zentangle patterns, says a Decaux press piece, are believed to heighten focus and creativity, as well as an increased state of personal well-being.

Part of a wider integrated campaign, the personalized user-generated digital drawings, created by passers-by on JCDecaux’s digital panels, will be shared across Deep Spring’s social channels emphasizing the moment of disconnection enabled by Deep Spring.

Nothing on the release about “engagement” numbers. Coloring is one of those simple pleasures, so maybe heaps of people stopped. But it doesn’t seem like the right place or moment for that.

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