Projects: Wells Fargo’s Ambient LED Columns In Denver

September 24, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I had a chance to nip into the Wells Fargo bank tower in downtown Denver this afternoon before heading to the airport for the (seriously, repeatedly delayed … yippee) flight back to my socialist paradise.

If you recall, this is the big set of LED strips – done a bit like picket fence boards – that run 86 feet up the mezzanine wall of the office block. It’s really well done. It dominates the space, and the content is interesting in an ambient, mood-setting way.

As noted previously, if the same square footage and investment in (guessing 6mm pitch) LEDs was clustered in one big rectangle coming off the floor, it would have looked like crap. Or boring, at best.

Nicely done, ESI.

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