New York Digital Signage Week Takes Shape

September 14, 2016 by Dave Haynes

dd_nydsw_logo2016_web-copyIf you also read DailyDOOH from the UK, you will have already read endless bits about what’s been dubbed New York Digital Signage Week. If you don’t, here’s what’s up with the now annual gathering of the clans.

There are several events Oct. 24-28, from cocktail parties and open houses to conferences – set around Manhattan. One is digital OOH advertising and one is experiential design, but they’re all placed under the digital signage umbrella to fill out the week.

The event is tied together and promoted by the Ministry of New Media, which is directly associated with DailyDOOH (a similar event is done in London).

“These are exciting times for the digital signage industry,” says organizer Russ Curry, Managing Director, Ministry of New Media. “The explosion of retail screen networks and the conversion of classic OOH sites to Digital Out Of Home create a myriad of new opportunities for media owners, agencies, advertisers and of course investors. The Global Digital Signage Market is valued at $11 Billion in 2016 and will rise exponentially in the coming years. We are delighted to be working with so many incredible partners to bring the decision makers in the industry together for a week of networking, learning and seeing the newest products available.” 

Here’s what’s up:

Monday, October 24

BARCO Launch Event at 4:00 pm with Dave Etherington, Chief Strategist of Intersection, as the speaker.

Also, AVNation is doing an hour long podcast called Live From Times Square.

Tuesday, October 25

Coffee & Controversy Breakfast Debate at Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar, followed by an optional walking tour to see the best digital implementations in the city.

The Advertising Research Foundation (The ARF) will host a panel discussion on Increasing Cross-Platform Impact with Digital Out of Home, at the Union League Club on Park Avenue.

Day 1 of  The NEC New York Partner Showcase  at SIR Stage37. I understand from NEC’s Rich Ventura that the format has been changed up quite a bit this year, with tech shown in contextual settings, which is both cool and smart.

Wednesday, October 26

The DAILYDOOH Investor Conference at Denton’s, Avenue of the Americas. Speakers include Mark Boidman, Laura Davis-Taylor, Randy Dearborn, Kym Frank, Dirk Huelsermann, Stephen Freitas, Francois de Gaspe Beaubien, Monica Ho, Ross Honey, John Pizzamiglio, Clive Roux, and Eric Sondag.

Day 2 of  The NEC New York Partner Showcase  at SIR Stage37.

Thursday, October 27

The annual DPAA Video Everywhere Summit at the Roosevelt Hotel. All day, all about out of home advertising and tech.

Friday, October 28

SEGD’s annual XLAB Conference, which is all about experiential and increasingly digital design in public and private spaces (great event).

There are also some private, invite-only events around the city in the evenings.

Numerous people have asked me if I am going. Nope. I’ve been to most of these events at various times, but not this year. Biggest reason is cost. New York is an amazing place and it is also amazingly expensive. Airfare isn’t too bad, but I can’t cost-justify four nights of $300+ a night hotel rooms (at least) and the plus-plus-plus involved in eating, drinking and getting around the city for 3-4 nights.

No problem if your company picks up the tab as a cost of doing business, but I expense myself. And add 25% because of the currency differences between the Canuck and US dollar these days. So $400/night (yikes).

Plus I’m there two week later for another event (speaking).

Yes, you can stay much cheaper if you get a hotel in Newark and take a train in. Thing about that for a second, though.

If you are going, enjoy. Bring credit cards.

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