Digital Signage Goes To Another Kitchen

August 23, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Here’s a different take on the idea of putting digital signage in private homes.

Cassidy Smirnow is Senior VP of Operations at Denver’s Four Winds Interactive, and as a result, knows here way around the platform and the idea of building and publishing a layout to a display. For the last couple of years she has been tweaking what she calls a Home Sign, installed in her kitchen.

“We built a custom application to help us communicate as a family,” says Smirnow. “We put it right into our kitchen where we all spend the most time together.  We included applications like calendars, to-dos, and helpful reminders, like knowing if the dog had been fed or not.”

“We’ve been evolving our home sign into an application called “Family Board.” This new and improved application has some pretty cool new integrations (Google Calendars, remember the milk, pepperplate) and also brings in Scribble, as well as social.”

Smirnow takes the point of view that the world is becoming more visual, and that that more and more people expect to get information from screens – personal and private.

“The thing I like most about my family board,” says Smirnow, “is that I get to push information that is relevant to our family, rather than require each of us to open an app or login to a system to get what we need.  I’ve also recently been playing with many of the apps in our (Four Winds) store, and you wouldn’t believe how many relevant use cases we have for the home with our existing apps.  I use:  countdown clock, weather, announcements, why you rock, trivia, and employee recognition apps.  Last week I made an announcement via our announcements app, deployed my changes around 3pm, just in time for my kids to see as they came home from school.  How cool is that?”

Here’s a post from a few weeks ago on a kitchen digital signage set-up developed by Rise Vision’s lead creative designer.

Side note: look at Denver’s characteristically insane mountain-side weather – 69 F on a late Wednesday afternoon in December, and then high of 33 F on Saturday.


  1. Ross says:

    Interesting take on the connected kitchen, I guess as I’m single and my little Pug Alphie always let’s me know he is hungry it’s not a product for me. Within my sphere of family and friends I would say they would most likely find other areas to spend their money. But hey, one day I may walk into one of their kitchens to see the new Samsung family hub refrigerator. Gotta keep up with the Smiths. Lol.

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