Enter The AV Nerd Nonagon On 9/9

August 16, 2016 by Dave Haynes


This looks and reads like a hardcore pro AV nerdfest – a networking and education event next month in Anaheim with the call to action of traveling to the 9th dimension at the NitWit Nonagon.

Ummm … OK???

I asked, and organizer Randy Pagnan of RP Visuals explained that Nit references a common measure of brightness in display circles, and Wit is about intelligence and understanding, ie you have your wits about you. Nonagon is a nine-sided polygon, which … is … referenced … for … some … reason. It’s on the 9th day of the 9th month, and one of the presenters is a guy named Jon9.

Like I said – nerds.

Here are the details:

Enter the 9TH Dimension during RPV’s NitWit Nonagon. RPV is co-hosting an artful version of its infamous NitWit seminars with NEC Display Solutions, and Jon9 of Holonyne Corporation. This educational and social mixer will feature presentations throughout the day by Randy Pagnan of rp Visual Solutions (RPV), Jon9 of Holonyne Corporation, and Benjamin Hardy and Grant Wylie of NEC.

The Nonagon on 9/9 will include creative demonstrations of the latest trends in large-scale content creation, installation of architecturally-integrated screens and visual displays for demanding applications like retail, transportation, entertainment venues, higher education, and anywhere you might find digital signage. Attendees will have multiple opportunities to see presentations throughout the day, and receive RU units towards their CTS.

Can’t make the NitWit sessions? Don’t worry, your hosts will keep the party going with an After-Work Art Reception sponsored by 9THouse.com – the Digital Art Atelier created by Jon9 to provide project development, hardware configuration and programming services to digital artists for large-scale, public and corporate artworks.

Jon9 and the 9THouse crew will rev up the Hippotizer V4 realtime media server and throw down some live multi-screen mixing on their 18-screen 8K NEC ultra-narrow video wall, installed by RPV.

NitWit comes from the words Nit & Wit. Nit is a measurement of light, and Wit is quick knowledge. Therefore, sessions are for bright and sharp AV Souls. This event is geared towards Consultants, Integrators, Creators, Architects, End-Users, Manufacturers, and will be a great way to network with the local Silicon Beach AV Community. Doors open at 12:00noon.

The timeline for this event includes:

12:30PM & 3PM
Randy Pagnan, President of rp Visual Solutions presents: “The Art of Screens” 2 CTS RU units

1:30 & 4PM
Jon 9, CEO of Holonyne Corporation, presents: “9 Ways to Win: Integrating Content and Hardware for Large-Scale Installations”

2:30 & 5PM
Benjamin Hardy & Grant Wylie of NEC Display Solutions present,
“How to Determine the Right Display Technology” 1 CTS RU

6PM – 9PM
After-Work Art Reception with 9THouse.com

Use this link to register for this event, or contact brandy@rpvisuals.com for additional information. The NitWit Open House will take place on 9/9/16 from 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm at PennRose Studios, located at 130 Penn St. El Segundo, CA 90245.


  1. Brad Parler says:

    This, THIS is why I love this blog! You had me at Nonagon, and really wish that I could get out to CA to this event!

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