And Now There Are Digital Signage Pokémon Templates

August 3, 2016 by Dave Haynes


The whole Pokémon Go thing escapes me, but I’m guessing there are countless baby boomers who aren’t quite seeing the thrill of running around catching imaginary cartoon characters on a phone.

But we’re not the market, and it’s clearly taken off among a younger crowd.

Mark McDermott from Screen.Cloud provided a useful post this morning that explained the digital signage ties, and I later remembered I’d also seen a marketing email from Rise Vision about a set of Pokémon Go content templates network operators can get off its store.

The first is a Watch Out! template that can be used to warn players to be careful in and around your space. You may recall the NYC transit system is running warnings aimed at distracted, obsessed players.

The second Poké Stop Discount is a promo template that can be used to attract avid Pokémon players into businesses. Like me, you’ve no doubt seen local news stories about coffee shops and c-stores seeing piles of people coming in.

Rise explains (mostly in way that escapes me entirely):

The template reads “Poké Stop Here” and offers a discount to anyone on the Valor team. Poké Stops are real-life locations that players will visit to collect items such as Poké Balls, which will make them more successful in the game. These Poké Stops are all over the place and are often filled with people.

Use this to your advantage and set up a deal for players who can prove they are on a specific team. Vector images for each Pokémon team can be found in the template beneath the Valor Team logo. Customize the team you want to show by replacing Team Valor with Team Mystic or Team Instinct. With this template, your business is bound to get noticed.

Ummm, well … OK.

Rise also has a Pokéball Animated Background, and don’t ask me what the heck that is.

The templates are free for Rise users, and as you probably know, the platform is free. They make money off the templates via customizations.

Maybe this is a fad, maybe it’s the future. Dunno. But if you run networks, manage them for clients, or sell services, there’s enough going on that getting a little more conversant in the business opportunity and mechanics of Pokémon Go probably makes some sense.


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