Projects: Have A Look At The Largest Outdoor LED Wall in South China

August 1, 2016 by Dave Haynes


Massive LED billboards are by no means found only, these days, in world capitals and insane places like Las Vegas. This is a an 1,855 square metre LED wrapped around a building in the south China city of Shantou, up the coastline from Hong Kong (if that helps).

Touted as the largest outdoor LED in south China, it’s on the Shantou Jiaxin Building, which is a set of leisure, entertainment, shopping and commerce serviced apartments.

The board looks high rez, but is actually a 16 pixel pitch curtain wall made by Gtek. That means it is semi-transparent, so the building windows are not totally blocked, and the vertically-hung strips are capable of handling the typhoons that come in off the South China Sea.


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