Raffi Vartian Leaving Signagelive

July 25, 2016 by Dave Haynes


I rarely write about staff changes in organizations, particularly hires, since I don’t really care, and my web stats confirm few others do.

But … once in a while I get word on a change that’s notable, and today I learned Raffi Vartian is leaving Signagelive after roughly five years with the company. HQ is in the south England countryside but Raffi has always worked out of Chicago. He’s been the guy who’s really built up the North American business and partner program, and as business got strong enough to warrant it, added actual staff to take that off his shoulders.

With senior sales and channel people in place, and things ticking along nicely (sales up 60+%), he’s been doing the role of CMO for the company, but he wasn’t feeling that. “I run my mouth for a living, and I can’t do that in this role,” he joked on a call this afternoon.

If you know Vartian, he’s a scrappy Chicago guy raised on politics, and he even spent five years early in his working life doing various political jobs in DC in the US House of Representatives.

It’s a totally amicable parting of ways, and working pretty much on Vartian’s terms – in that he can hang around as late as Nov. 1, but can split earlier if the right gig comes along. He’s already talking to a couple of companies, but until/if one firms up, he’s happy to yak with others about senior gigs that play to his strengths of presentation, sales and strategy.

The official word, via his boss Jason Cremins, who was on the call, as well:

As the first employee of Signagelive Inc. in North America, he has been integral to the establishment of Signagelive in the region during his four and half years in the business. Until his departure date, Raffi will continue to work directly with me.

Raffi wants to stay in the business, which is good. He can be a bit of terrier, not shy about his opinions or needs, but is a very nice man, totally devoted to his young family.

This is his Linkedin …

  1. Dave,

    Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Jason and the team and I’m looking forward to the next adventure.


  2. Raffi,

    The feeling is mutual, it has been a great journey and I wish you the very best in the next challenge you decide to take on.


  3. Brad Parler says:

    I think that it’s widely known that I’m a superfan and avid user of SignageLive, who became way more than just a platform I use but an extended family of sorts via Raffi.

    Raffi, would check in on me on occasion to hear about the crazy things I was getting the product to do. I’m super excited to see what’s in store for Raffi in this next exciting chapter and equally excited to hear more about US operations for SL going forward.

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