Projects: Virtual X-Ray Scans Mazda 3 At Trade Show

July 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes


A Colombian company came up with a very clever idea for showing what’s under the hood, and more, of a new Mazda 3, for a marketing show in Bogota.

Vinilo Lab put a 65-inch display panel on a track that slid along the front of the car display, creating the effect that the monitor was scanning the inside of the car via x-rays and revealing its skeleton, safety mechanisms, design details and countless other information.

Getting the timing down was no simple feat, so the agency, says a press release, used Christie’s Pandoras Box server and related tech to synchronize the movement of the monitor with a 3D model of the car.

Vinilo Lab developed the programming, the configuration of the X-Ray Scanner system, and the digital contents for the platform from scratch.  “The system we put in place was a resounding success, attracting hundreds of visitors to the Mazda booth during the fair,” says Eduardo Ortega, the company’s CEO. “People were fascinated with the interactivity and originality of the system, and it caused quite a stir.”

“Without a doubt,” adds Ortega, “the real time and programming developed with the Widget Designer was instrumental in the success of this project. It allowed us to work at great speed in the design and implementation of the system, and to control all the elements of the platform. It is incredibly versatile and creative, and really user-friendly.”

Nicely done! And someone will copy this by the time the Detroit Auto Show rolls around in the New Year.

  1. Paul Davis says:

    Correction bud, though clever, it has been done before (approx. 2 years ago)…and on a much larger scale by Caterpillar! See here for details:

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