Industry Weapon Picks Up Firesign Platform And Users

July 22, 2016 by Dave Haynes

FS_LogoPittsburgh-based solutions company Industry Weapon has acquired a long-running software platform called FireSign, as well as its user base, from Nashville creative agency Anode.

Anode first developed FireSign back in 1991, but says at the end of 2015 decided to get out that business – empty when they started, hyper-crowded now – and focus on the core creative services business.

Industry Weapon CEO David Wible says picking up FireSign is a natural fit for them and for companies like Anode. “Digital agencies require a platform that does not hinder their ability to make money consulting, creating content and building customized applications.  Industry Weapon has designed a business model that gives agencies the freedom to be creative while not having to worry about security, support and hardware requirements.”

Existing FireSign customers, says Industry Weapon in a release, will remain on the platform and receive a white-glove transition to Industry Weapon’s platform, CommandCenterHD.

Makes sense for both parties, and doubt there was a big check involved in the handover. Firesign has been out there for many years, but I’m guessing even people who’ve been around this business forever will have heard of it. Most of its portfolio seems to be very local to Nashville.

I do like this digital endcap aimed at libraries (see pic).


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