Digital Signage Federation Hangout Update – July 2016


Guest Post: Ryan Cahoy, Rise Vision, on behalf of the DSF Education Committee

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Here is what you missed this month:

On July 13, our topic was “Selecting the Right Media Player.” The panel featured speakers from Intel, Canonical, and The Book PC, sharing their insights on everything from hardware and operating systems to software and deployment tips.

Some of the questions from the audience included:

  • What considerations should be made when thinking of using consumer grade streaming media players in enterprise digital signage?
  • What are the general / ball park pricing points for the various types of media players? Are there limitations to what each of them can do?
  • Some players (usually for video walls) lack proper HTML5/CSS content support and hardware acceleration for animations. Can you please weigh in on player options that either allow Chrome or have HTML5 support out-of- the-box?
  • Are there any types of players that are applicable to elevator displays?

Watch the panel discussion to hear answers to those questions and much more:

Coming up in August – Art on the Big Screens in the NYC Subway

On August 18th at 2pm EDT, we’ll hear from members of the MTA Art and Design team talking about their award-winning Digital Arts Program taking in the NYC subway system.

During the conversation we will explore:

  • How the digital art program began.
  • How the MTA allocates funding for the art program.
  • The art program is diverse across graphics, music, poetry, photography etc, we will explore how it intersected with digital.
  • How they determined the timing of the pieces and how to break up the day parts.
  • Insights into the future plans for the program.

If you would like to attend you can sign up for free at, and if you can’t make it don’t worry we will record the conversation and it will be posted to the site.

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